The little shop
that could.

We are a small company that’s big on morals, principles, and positive change.
(the short version)
House of Brilliant Ideas is a design studio and marketing agency that works with companies of all sizes, creating something new and better in the process.

We feel right at home when tackling challenges like complete rebrands, rethinking business messaging, market expansion, and collateral design.

Pillars of This House

Partners for innovation and growth.
Times are changing and we felt there was a need for marketing professionals who see and understand the direction our world is going in.

On that belief, we founded the House of Brilliant Ideas on three pillars that reflect our core values and principles.



We’re not here to turn a quick profit – we’re in it for the long run and that means we believe in fostering relationships.

We do that by being the best possible counsel to our partners and their business interests. We actively encourage clients to ask questions and learn as much as they can along the way – as do we.



Our world is an inherently even playground and while it may not be much, we do everything in our power to make it accessible and open to everyone.



Fulfilling engagements begin with mindfulness, not just of our own self but of the people we share this pale blue dot with.

It starts with being aware of why we do the things that we do, being grateful, and knowing that our products will make a positive difference, even if for just one person.

Positive Sum Gain

Instead of making the pieces smaller, we’re making the pie bigger.
A “positive sum” is an outcome within game theory where every player wins - a true win-win situation. Technological advancements have made it possible for us to apply this concept in the real world and enrich each others’ lives at no expense to ourselves.

One of the ways we try to practice this is by ensuring that everyone who works with us and for us, leaves better off than they started. This includes everything from going above and beyond to make visions into reality, to putting in the time to ensure we meet (and exceed) exclusivity standards.
Brand Guide

A growing institution

Noble, but not Royal
We are not royalty. We don’t have heirs, thrones, or dynasts.

We do, however, have principles, skills, and a philosophy that enables us to create value for our clients and partners.