Converting visitors
into happy customers.

We're in the business of building memorable digital experiences.

Champions of creativity and strategy

House of Brilliant Ideas is a creative agency specializing in creating customer experiences that end with a smile (and a sale).

We make winning ideas and products through better design, messaging, and strategy

Making your place on the internet, truly yours.

Partners for innovation and growth.
We lend companies an extra pair of eyes (and hands) to catch opportunities that may be hiding in plain sight.

With a mixture of creative thinking, science, and industry expertise, we develop functional designs,  effective strategies, and thoughtful content that achieve objectives and convey your brand’s true values.

Brilliant Lab

Thoughtful discussions about our craft, industry, and people.

Making good products look great.

Our playbook of success and values.
You have an idea, an ambition and we have a process to help you realize your true potential.

There’s no secret sauce, no buzzwords, no BS. Just endless brilliant ideas and a team to put the plan into motion.

Set the stage with PROPS!

PROPS is a free design library with hundreds of illustrations, logos, backgrounds, and more that you can use in your personal and commercial projects for free.