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In the words of another group of determined, go-getters, we love it when a plan comes together.

The Makings of a Good Plan

Partners for innovation and growth.
We have a simple, repeatable three-step process for seeing projects through completion, that delivers results consistently.
Every project begins with a discovery call, followed by a competitive audit. This is not a quick step.

We do our due diligence, share our battle plan, and iron out the details until we’re on the same page.
With a plan in place, we put our heads down, and put all of our focus in achieving the goals we set out for.
Monitor, Measure, Modify
The marketing strategy is a reflection of the company's market landscape. That means when business requirements change, so does our strategy.

In it to win it.

We’re in the business of building brands.
And that requires sustained innovation over the entirety of a company’s lifecycle. That’s why we are continuously measuring, monitoring, and improving the work we deliver - no exceptions.

$144 million+

Capital Raised
Total amount of capital raised post collaboration in the past two years alone.


The House of Brilliant Teams has collaborated with more than a 100 promising individuals and companies.

Lessons learned
We strive to push our understanding of our craft with every new project.