Telling the Story of a Data Revolution

Explaining a technology that did not even exist a while ago is hard. Doing it in three weeks is harder.

Explore one of the most impressive technical feats in the database industry and how we developed the messaging behind the world’s first and only truly real-time database replication platform.





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One of its Kind

A one of its kind product, Arcion filled a gaping hole in the $10 billion market for data replication and protection software. It did so by creating a cloud-native service that could deploy data pipelines for real-time data replication in seconds.

The problem? Something like this never existed and it would be a challenge to explain the technology that this so incredibly effective for businesses of all sizes.

About the Company

Arcion was founded in 2016 (then known as BlitzzIO) for migration, replication, and analysis on platforms like Databricks and Snowflake.

In 2022, the company closed a $13 million Series A round bringing Arcion’s total capital raised to over $18 million and a total market valuation of $65 million. With this new round of funding came the decision for a complete rebrand of the company.

New Features and a New Identity

This is when the Head of Marketing, Zhenni Wu reached out to an old colleague, Prakhar Singh of House of Brilliant Ideas to take on a massive challenge — develop the entire business messaging, and website copy in less than a month. In addition to this, we’d also be looking after the content for Arcion’s social media and the press for the launch.

Not one to turn down a challenge, Prakhar was quickly onboarded as an independent consultant and the team went to work.

The Discovery Process

The first few days were spent understanding the Arcion platform, its benefits to corporations, and the target audience, as well as doing a brief competitive audit.

In addition to the broader deliverables such as web copy and launch emails, we listed every single piece of marketing collateral that could be needed for the launch.

Business Messaging Framework

Before we wrote any of the copy and marketing material, we wanted to finalize the brand voice and positioning for Arcion. To do this, we worked on a comprehensive business messaging framework that touched on every aspect of the company’s marketing strategy.

This document included everything from the company descriptions of varying sizes and platform specifications to customer profiles, target industries, and relevant use cases.

Project Tracking

Working on a project of this scale, with a very tight deadline, it was critical that we maintained proper trackers to stay on top of progress.

Since we were collaborating with the sales and design teams, tracking also helped avoid bottlenecks and prioritize items that were needed by a different team.

Primary Deliverables

With a hard deadline at hand, the first step was to list every single piece of marketing collateral that could be needed for the launch.And given the scope of the project, we divided the project into three main areas:

- website copy
- social media & PR
- outbound marketing.

Website Copy

The project called for unique, engaging, and search engine-friendly copy for nearly 30 different pages under 16 parent categories:

- The homepage
- Features
- Connectors
- Arcion Cloud and Self-Hosted
- Industries
- Customers
- Database integrations
- Use cases

Social Media & PR

The social media and PR strategy included concise, engaging posts highlighting key milestones in Arcion's development, its impact on clients, and industry recognition. It would also detail the outreach plan to engage with industry influencers and media outlets.

The launch also called for a one-minute video showcasing Arcion in all its glory. We did the storyboarding for the video and captured the complexity of the world’s fastest data replication platform in just a handful of frames.

Email Marketing Campaign

We were responsible for drafting emails for a number of email marketing campaigns for both the launch and multiple events in the coming weeks.

Working with the sales team, we delivered a staggering number of thoughtfully composed emails, aimed at generating interest from warm leads to inviting existing partners and customers to upcoming events.

Marketing Collateral

The marketing collateral included digital materials to support Arcion's launch and future marketing campaigns. Collateral included dedicated pages for webinars, in-person events, lead magnets, etc.

Post-work Success

Arcion and Databricks have always been close partners in innovation and an early investor in the company.

In November of 2023, Databricks acquired Arcion – the deal valued at a staggering $100 million. We are incredibly happy and proud of this massive achievement and are excited to continue seeing the great things the team at Arcion is doing.

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