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Establishing Trust and Authority as a Cloud Engineering Leader

In this market, if something is too complicated, people will move on. This puts cloud engineering companies in a pickle.

But D3V Tech shows how it’s possible to break down immensely complex topics to non-technical audiences and become a thought leader in the industry.



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Becoming industry thought leaders

For the longest time, bringing about change in a business environment has meant disruption. But D3V Tech is actively fighting that narrative - proving it wrong and showing the industry the importance of change.

Join us as we explore how to eliminate negative connotations surrounding cloud engineering, digital transformations, and disruptive innovation - through brilliant content.

About the Company

D3V Technology Solutions is a Dallas-based cloud engineering firm and Google Cloud partner whose mission is to guide companies in fully harnessing the cloud so they can innovate and drive competitive advantages. D3V's core expertise is in Infra & App Modernization, DevOps, and Dialogflow.

Launching in 2011 and being an early advocate of cloud computing, D3V quickly became one of the top-rated B2B companies in Texas with an innovative team finishing one successful project after another.

However, in 2019, D3V realized there was room to grow and decided to help legacy businesses discover real-world benefits through online content.

The Challenge

Content marketing, especially through organic mediums such as Google Search is extremely competitive.

In order to have a chance at success, D3V had to outrank millions of existing pages, some of which were from much bigger companies.

Having experimented with content marketing before, D3V decided that the best way to achieve their goal of sustainable organic traffic was to create high-quality, original content in the form of thought leadership blogs, news articles, white papers, and more.

In addition to great copy, D3V also needed an innovation partner with whom they could share ideas, develop strategies, and work on a wide variety of projects without being limited by contractual bounds or job titles - they needed an external team that was as smooth as an internal team.

First steps

Starting in 2019, D3V Tech hired Prakhar Singh of House of Brilliant Ideas in a consultancy role to write the copy for their new website and create a starting point for D3V’s business messaging.

With success right off the bat, D3V Tech decided to expand the scope of the partnership. Working closely with D3V’s internal marketing team, we identified the ideal target demographics, and communication channels, as well as themes and topics.

Based on this, we outlined a strategy and developed the first campaign. As we continued working together for the next 3 years, we refined and improved every step of the process to make it faster, more efficient, and more impactful.


The key deliverables were informative blog posts called Insight Articles. These would later be repurposed for Medium for additional exposure and referral traffic to the website.

In 2020, D3V also introduced Cloud News articles to balance the evergreen, long-form content with shorter pieces, written with viral marketing in mind.

We also wrote two eBooks, dozens of case studies, and white papers for D3V during this period.

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are powerful in driving engagement, finding warm leads, and building a mailing list. At D3V, we focused on two types of lead magnets - eBooks and white papers.

We planned and wrote The What, Why and How of Building Apps on the Cloud.

In addition to this eBook, we also created collateral for other gated content including white paper and education initiatives such as webinars and workshops.

Insight Articles

The original goal of Insight Articles was to break down complex cloud topics in an easily digestible format for non-tech founders and legacy business owners.

Insight Articles today, however, are far more versatile, including both Cloud News and Technical Guides.

Many of these articles were also published on Medium where they were picked up by popular publications driving a large amount of referral traffic to the D3V website.

Case Studies

For over a decade, D3V Tech has worked with scores of great companies in various industries - helping them start their path to becoming data-driven companies through carefully planned digital transformations.

We created a case study template and then wrote numerous case studies, highlighting key achievements in an engaging manner.

Dusting off the archives

One of the core beliefs at D3V Tech is educating others - not just potential leads but also developers, aspiring freelancers, and small business owners. We share this belief, both at a personal level and at an organizational level.

The world faced numerous new challenges in 2020 and so did the team at D3V. However, it’s important to look at the silver lining because when life closes one door, it opens another (if not several others). And when uncertainty strikes, marketing budgets are often the first to land on the cutting board. However, instead of completely seizing marketing efforts, D3V decided to repurpose as much content. Finding new life for information on new platforms.

We improved existing content, updated it in light of recent developments, and published it on a new platform - driving more traffic and engagements.

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